Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What happened?

Well, I sure did fall off the bandwagon for a while. I forgot my password and it took me 6 months to get it changed! Hope you all are doing well. Kendall is turning 1 this Friday. I will post the festivities after they happen. Here are a few pictures to catch you up on what has been happening in our lives.
Santa took the kids to the Great Woolf Lodge for Christmas. We had a blast. Hopefully he will send us there again next time!
Paul's parents left in Feb. to serve a mission for our church in Feb. They are in Mexico city and we get to Skype them every week. It's almost like they are not gone. They love it out there!

Sarah was crawling around on her bedroom floor and managed to break her right Tibia (load bearing bone in her schinn). She had a bright pink cast (all the way up her leg!) for almost 5 weeks and now she is sporting a knee high black boot. She is doing great and I am loving that she has been forced to slow down a little!

Lindsay, Lauren and Andrew got to play soccer this Spring and loved it. Paul has coached the girls team for 3 seasons now and we all are looking forward to the fall season. Soccer has become a family sport. Hopefully we can get Sarah aboard. She seems to not like it all that much!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!!!

Andrew had a great day today. He started the day bright and early at 6:15 (we have a tradition of waking up eachother on their birthday's and singing to them but he beat us to the punch) and woke us up. The girls were so excited to give him his present. He got a spiderman bike and helmet with a little bell on it. He was loving it!! Paul couldn't wait to put it together so we could see him ride it. Later on in the morning, Andrew had two of his buddies come over to play. They had a great time playing red light, green light and racing their matchbox cars on his race track. For lunch, he got to go to McDonalds and then came home and watched the movie Up while Paul and I got some stuff done around the house getting ready for his birthday party. After dinner, all of our family on Paul's side came over. We played lots of games, ate cake and ice cream, and opened presents. After everyone left, and we were reading scriptures and saying prayers before bed, he quickly began to loose it. He crashed in bed within minutes and is hopefully dreaming of riding a bike without the training wheels on :) We love you Andrew, what a joy it is to have you in our family!!!!!
He is just radiating joy in this picture. He really had a great day!!!!!

He got the Helmet first in our bedroom and then came out to the living room to find the bike.

Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!!!

Here he is pumping up his tires ready to get on his bike!!!!

Above is a photo of a relay race we did where you have to put on a series of clothes and run around. They had so much fun and the adults were cracking up watching them put their gloves on first and then trying to get the jacket on. We also played hot potato, button button, and one other game we had never played before. The kids had a great time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Man how they grow up fast!!!!!

Here are some photo's of the rest of the Kiddo's. I look at these and think, are they really that grown up? Man how time flys. By the way, for those of you who can't tell, Lauren is on the left and Lindsay is on the right. lol

Lauren (9 1/2)

Lindsay (9 1/2)

Sarah (6 1/2)

Andrew (3 1/2)

What a cutie!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kendall Paul - 4 months

I have a good friend who has a real gift of photography. She wanted to come and shoot some photo's of Kendall as a baby gift. Thank you so much Jolin! I will treasure these photo's forever. Thank you for capturing these wonderful images of our little angel.

Back to School!

The girls were so excited for their first day back to school. I was too! Even though we didn't do a vacation this year, we still had a lot of fun. Between swimming, playing with friends and family, reading and playing games, we always went to bed tired at the end of the day. Summers are great, but Paul and I were ready for some structure back in our lives. Lauren and Lindsay are now in 4th grade at Paxton Elementary and Sarah is now in 1st grade at Siegrist.

Kendall's Blessing

On August 16th, we blessed Kendall. He was almost 3 months old, about time don't you think. We would have done it sooner but this was the first weekend that both sets of grandparents were in town since the beginning of June. Kendall we so big, he no longer fit into his blessing outfit, but he wore it anyways!!! (hence the short pants :p ) We had a great day, thanks grandparent's, Heather , Adam and Marie and Kevin and Amanda and all of Kendall's cousins who attended. We had a great time!

Look at the cheeks on that kid! Thanks Grandpa Martin for swinging with Andrew. You're the best!

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Hanging" out with cousins

We got together this past Saturday with some of our family and weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, so the kids played a ton outside. They had a blast on our playset and loved making a train down the slide. Sarah and Evelyn had a blast hanging upside down on the swings also. It was a great time for all. Our kids can't wait for them to come over again.

Kendall is 2 Months!

Our little boy is growing up to be quite the big boy. We just took him to his two month appointment and he now weighs a whoppin' 13 lbs. 4 oz. and is 24 in. long. This boy likes his milk! He has been such a blessing to have in our home. He is our little ray of sunshine, you can always get a sweet smile from him that melts your heart! (keep scrolling down, I have added a few more posts)

Some 4th of July Pics

Every 4th of July, Platte City opens it's pool to everyone. They serve hot dogs and snow cones and the fire truck comes and sprays all the kids. The kids absolutely loved it. We will try and do this again next year.You can see the water coming down.
Lauren and Paul soaking it up.
Sarah and Andrew with Daddy
Lindsay was around with friends and Kendall and I were chillin where it was nice and dry. We went and watched the city fireworks that night. They were great. What a great day!

My Boys!

On a typical Sunday afternoon, you will find Paul on the couch trying to take a nap, but many times, our children have other ideas. This was one of those days. He doesn't mind so much. He loves hanging out with "his boys".